If you are recovering from an illness/accident or just come out of hospital, you might find it difficult to look after yourself.

Reablement is a short period of intensive support in your home. We will work with you to help you regain old skills or develop new ones. In most cases, this is all you need to regain your independence and be able to carry on living in your own home.

How we can help

With our help and support, we are confident that you can continue with your day to day tasks. 

These are some of the tasks we can support you with:

  • Dressing and getting into and out of bed
  • Washing and shaving
  • Managing the toilet
  • Eating and drinking

The amount of help needed varies with each person and their circumstances. You might need only a few visits a week or several visits a day. At the end of a period of reablement, most people can live independently at home. However, if you’re not fully independent or you need longer-term care and support, we can arrange this care for you.

Contact Oakmont Care to discuss care and support service for you.

Quality Care

Our focus is to deliver care of the highest standard to meet your needs.

Personalised Service

Our care is tailored to meet your lifestyle and the choices you make.

Our Commitment

We are here to support you to remain independent in your own home.