Learning Disability

We understand and acknowledge that living with a learning disability can make several daily tasks and situations more challenging for individuals and their families. Through person-centred plans, all our support services promote life skills, enabling you to live more independently.

At Oakmont Care we support you to live the life you want.  Our staff recognise each person as an individual with a range of unique personal interests and aspirations.  We focus on your strengths and abilities; our aim is to help you achieve your personal goals.

How we can help

With our help and support, we are confident that you can continue with your chosen activities.  Or if you are looking to become more independent but want some extra support, then we can help you too.

These are some of the areas we can support you with:

  • Manage your responsibilities – keep on top of day-to-day tasks.
  • Stay connected – meet friends and family, attend school, college or clubs, pursue a favourite hobby.
  • Stay fit – help you to attend doctors/hospital or physio appointments.
  • Stay healthy – support you to prepare your meals so you can eat well.
  • Stay independent through supported living – assist you in shopping, managing your money or accessing local facilities like leisure centres and libraries.
  • Manage your daily routine – getting up and going to bed.
  • Assist you in your housework – help with domestic chores like washing and ironing.

Our staff are highly trained in supporting adults with a learning disability. We aim to deliver everything we possibly can to improve people’s health and wellbeing. We focus on working with other agencies such as health teams, social services, education and work placements to achieve positive outcomes for people.

Contact Oakmont Care to discuss care and support service for you.

Quality Care

Our focus is to deliver care of the highest standard to meet your needs.

Personalised Service

Our care is tailored to meet your lifestyle and the choices you make.

Our Commitment

We are here to support you to remain independent in your own home.